House Design: Tricks to Improve Your House into a Modern House Design

Do you have an idea to remodel your house into a modern house design?

If it is so, you must check the modern house design ideas. One of them might be your favorite design and you can’t wait to apply it at home.

Black and White House Design

A modern house design is simple without losing its comfort and style. Applying classic design such as black and white is also a good application of modern house design.

modern house design black and white

The first thing to do is painting the wall with white and gray color. You may apply white wall painting only or combine it with the gray color. When it is done, you can think about the best interior to make the room looks perfect.

To balance the room, you may put a black sofa set, wooden table with white color, a rug, coffee table, white cabinet, and many more. Learn modern house interior design ideas from here.

You can also use a specific pattern such as a stripes rug without losing the main theme, black and white. Hang some black and white paintings to make your room looks artistic. If you want to use a different type of color, you can also use silver.

Tropical House Design

For those who want to create a beautiful modern house design, try to apply more colorful items. How about to remodel your house into a modern house with tropical ambient.

modern house design 1 floor

The important key is using some of the natural materials for the furniture. For example, you can use a big raw wooden table. The table is outstanding due to its strong texture and color.

Then, combine with specific items such as orange armless chairs, black cabinet, a big pot and small vas with real plants. Soft colors including white, gray, yellow, and purple are a perfect color to strength the modern and tropical atmosphere.

Indeed, it is not only a beautiful modern house but also a refreshing house.

Unique and Extraordinary Decoration

white living room interior design ideas

A modern style is an option for those who dare to try something new to be applied at home.

Instead of using a round or square table, people with modern house principle will choose to use an old tree trunk.

The old tree trunk has a unique model, texture, pattern. Moreover, you can also apply your creativity to the plain walls. Try to apply something abstract on it and you will have a modern house.

This is also the same case when you are choosing the lamps. Think about a unique hanging or table lamps and use it. Those are interesting modern house decor ideas to try.

Gallery of Modern House Design Images


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