The Way to Apply Simple and Modern House Design for a Small House

Remodeling your small house into a modern small house design is a challenging task. Here, you are about to learn a little bit about the modern small house design ideas, especially on the way to choose the best interior.

Modern Design for a Small Bathroom

The first challenging is how to turn your small bathroom into a modern bathroom. Actually, it is possible to do by choosing the best small modern house interior design. Because it is a small bathroom, don’t use too much interior.

modern design for a small bathroom

For example, you just need to apply a closet and a sink. Then, add the small bathroom with a mirror and you can hang it at the top of the sink.

For the lighting, you just need to use some hanging bulbs. Just take specific soft colors such as white, gray, and wooden color to feel the sense of warm and cozy ambient. Now, you have a small bathroom with a modern design.

Modern Design for a Small Bedroom

To apply modern house design ideas in your bedroom, you need to do some simple steps.

modern design for a small bedroom

First, use white wall painting. If you think it is too monotonous, you can add a specific pattern such as dots with gray color.

Second, apply the most important furniture such as a master bed and a drawer. You can add some  accessories including a medium mirror, real plants, and also hanging paintings.

Just make sure that you don’t use too many colors. Modern is always using soft colors and for more alternative, you can also apply the cream, soft pink, and gold. That’s it! Now, you are about to sleep in a modern small bedroom and it will be comfortable.

Modern Design for a Small Kitchen

The best solution to have a modern kitchen and dining room at home is by combining the areas. Because you have a small kitchen, using a hanging cabinet is a good alternative.

Just use the empty space around the wall to keep the kitchen utensils well-managed. Then, you can add a table along with bar or coffee chairs for the dining room area.

modern design for a small kitchen

Natural is always an eye-catching option so you can choose white, wooden color, gray, and black for a modern option. More ceramic and glass tableware is also a brilliant way to create modern ambient.

Indeed, this is how to create a simple and modern house design. At least, you don’t have to spend too much money and energy. Just mix and match the interior and you have a fresh and modern room at home.

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