4 Inspiring Ideas to Build Simple 2 Storey House Design

Simple 2 storey house design can be a recommended home design to apply at home. This is a great design to create a spacious home building.

The increase of the 2 storey house design becomes an alternative choice. This looks luxury and elegant and able to accommodate more people in one residence. Here are the inspiring ideas to establish a dream house.

Considering an Eco-Friendly House Design

The first idea to apply is considering the environmental side. You must know that your house is eco-friendly in order to look safe for the surrounding. This becomes a start to design a simple 2 story house design.

2 story house simple design

It is a modern house with minimalist facade design. The wooden panels will cover home exterior to be a function of heat isolation to save energy. Though you build a storey house, you shouldn’t neglect the eco-friendliness of the house.

Considering an Opened Living Room Design

What about the inspiring ideas for a simple storey house? You need to apply an opened living room. The interior of the opened living room looks so eye-catching to take a deal.

interior house design simple

In a house, it is like a cozy space for relaxing and taking a rest. You may create an opened side for living room to refresh an old atmosphere. The opened living room look so green and shady. You should consider the kitchen sides.

It is a small important side in the house. It must function better with an easy access to go there.

Designing a Minimalist Bathroom

Though you made a simple 2 storey home design, you have to check the details of home building. The latest simple house design must be perfect in order to satisfy every homeowner.

A simple storey house looks striking if you apply a minimalist bathroom design. It will equalize an outside look of this house. A bathroom will show a simple and spacious accent. The wall of bathroom directing to the outside is fully made of glass.

new simple house design

It seems to be a nice option. The glass has a linear shape completed to the glass wall. The outside view of the bathroom is sufficiently impressing. So, it doesn’t need the additional details and accessories in the bathroom.

Putting Versatile Furniture Items

The last inspiring ideas of making simple 2 storey house design is putting versatile furniture items. You have to find the multifunctional furniture items for your house. It minimizes the much allocation of money to purchase useless furniture. Try to put it in a right space in your house.

Simple House Design Photos


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