Simple Tips to Make the Small Bedroom Looks Big in Style

It is very challenging to design a small bedroom. The selection of furniture and colors will influence the whole look of the room. The following small bedroom interior design ideas will transform the small room so it looks bigger than the original size.

#1. Apply Light and Bright Colors

bedroom decorating ideas for small bedrooms

White is the most practical choice to opt in every interior design for bedroom small space. The color will help you to avoid bulky and crowded look to the room. Meanwhile, the lighter color you apply in the room will fill the absence of wall with large space. You can create layers on the white color by using different textures to avoid cold ambiance in the room.

#2. Place Your Bed Against the Room’s Corner

beautiful bedroom design for small spaces

The main problem that comes with the small bedroom is the lack of space. Rather than placing the bed in the center of the room, it will be better to put it against the corner or wall. It will create a much cozier sleeping space. To make it more stylish, you can put a two headboard corner system on the bed.

#3. Avoid Bed Frame with Bulky Design

best interior design for small bedroom

A bed frame with bulky style will consume more space in the bedroom. A Hollywood-style frame can be a good solution to pick since it can support the bottom part of your bed. In addition, this kind of bed frame will not extend longer than the mattress’ perimeter.

#4. Keep It Minimalist

ideas of decorating a small bedroom

With the limited choice of furniture to be placed in a small bedroom, keeping it minimalist is the best option. Make sure that it is your bed that should be the focal point of the room. So, it will be better to keep the pieces of the furniture down to a minimum.

#5. Mirrors! Mirrors!

latest small bedroom designs

Placing mirrors in the interior design for small bedroom can be very effective to create an illusion so the room looks larger than its actual size. Place the mirrors in such way so they can reflect the light of your window. This will be very helpful to create the natural light for your room.

#6. Create Storage Area Under the Bed

simple small bedroom design ideas

The absence of sufficient space for storage areas is another main issue often faced because of a small bedroom. However, you can create an extra storage area just below the bed to save space. If there are only a few spaces available for you to open the drawers comfortably, you can put decorative bins below your bed as extra storages.


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