The Inspirations of Simple Small House Design

The needs of residences are getting increasing. It makes many people creatively building a small house with an affordable price.

The design of three houses can be an inspiration for the simple small house design for the people who want to build a small house.

What are the inspirations of the simple house?

Opod Tube House

The first recommended house is OPod or tube house. It is a small house created by James Law. It becomes a great solution for the limited residence area in the urban area. You can adapt it in a limited land area like in a city. This is a house with a diameter of 2.5 meters made of water pipes. It is designed creatively to look like a general home design. You may add some details of the small house for creating a small and simple house design.

simple house design for small lot

simple house structure design

This home design enables you to put some furniture items safely in the house such as a cabinet, refrigerator, office desk, computer, and sofa bed. This mini house is even completed by a bathroom. It divides to be two spaces; an activity room and a cleaning room. The design of this house is curving following the shape of a water pipe. You may install an air conditioner so that the homeowner feels comfortable. The design of this house is very efficient and small so that you can build it anywhere.

Small Black Cabin

If you want to create an efficient house, you can select this home style. With the width of 17-meters square, this house has been completed with some functional rooms like ceiling, bedroom, and bathroom. This house should be built of the triangle board of the strong dark pine tree. The triangle board series is assembled up so that it creates a pyramid. This small house is finished with the glass wall on the one side. To ease a building process, the small black cabin is built of the assembled modules in the location so that the owner can place it easily anywhere. Most of the materials are recycling including wooden frame, wall, floor, windows, and roofing.

simple house design for small space

simple house window design

Square Home Design

The last design of simple house design for small space is a square house. The home interior is designed beautifully so that it looks spacious and comfortable. The room of this house has a high ceiling and windows on three sides so that the air circulation can be kept. In the side of the kitchen, it has stairs directing to the bedroom. In addition, this house is completed with a ceiling for being a bedroom function.

simple square house design

dream house simple design

Those are some ideas of simple small house design.

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