House Design: Shabby Chic Interior Design Styles

It is no wonder why shabby design is attractive to many people especially women. In this article, we have gathered the secrets to pulling off shabby chic house interior design styles.

Pay attention to vintage furniture

It is not a secret that shabby chic or shabby refers to something that is antique or weathered aesthetic. It is your chance to bring a shabby chic theme into any room of your house by placing furniture like that.

You have many options to choose from in order to successfully apply this look. You can buy an unfurnished furniture model and find the DIY project online of what things you can do with it. Or you can consider for furniture that is ready-made pieces with a vintage touch.

Besides that, those who like to keep furniture that has a little bit of history behind it, it will be a great option too. You can go to the antique store or buy it online.

Mix and match

It can be the most fun part for many people. By doing mix and match of accessories, you can really pull of bohemian feel look in your house. What you need to is to layer a diverse of different accessories as the part of your interior design furniture styles.

shabby chic living rooms

In order to create a casual and comfortable space, you can place blankets, rugs, pillows, decor items, as well as wall art. In this part, mixing and matching is the very important thing to do to bring shabby chic alive. Choosing pieces that have various textures, patterns and prints can pull off this look.

You can try to limit the different colors if you prefer a look that is more cohesive. By limiting two or three hues that are different, you will create a perfect shabby chic theme. Meanwhile, you can set your own limitation if you choose a more eclectic style.

Place natural elements

Spaces that apply a shabby chic theme usually have an airy feel, light and bright atmosphere that make people feel comfortable in it. One of the easiest ways to have that kind of spaces is by adding several elements from outside.

If you like gardening, you can consider putting plants that can be placed inside and outside of your home that can bring natural look. Meanwhile, you can opt for foregoing curtains related to natural light and install beautiful functional window treatments that can bring plenty of sunlight into your home.

Shabby chic is indeed one of the popular interior design styles that many people would love to have. For more inspirations and ideas, browse more for our articles. Good luck!

Gallery of Shabby Chic House Design Photos


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