How to Arrange 2 Storey Modern House Design Perfectly

This article is about to show you how to arrange a 2 storey modern house design. In some cases, some people are a little bit confused about what do to first to create a comfortable modern house. So, this is the secret.

Modern House Design for the First Floor

The first floor is the place for a living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. For a modern option, you can use the large glass windows. The glass windows help to get natural light and regular fresh air.

beautiful two story houses

Then, you can also apply white color for the wall, cabinets, and sofa. Balance the color by using a different type of color for the additional chairs, tables, and the other items such as black, gray, gold, yellow, cream, and many more.

The interior is various including an armchair, coffee table, and armless chair. Specific accessories are also worth it to apply and you can try to use a hanging chandelier, table lamps, hanging abstract or artistic paintings, and even real plants.

Modern House Design for the Second Floor

For the second floor of the 2 story modern house design, you can check the area first. Commonly, it is the area for the family room, children’s room, working area, or library.

You can put the family area and the library closely without a separator. Then, you can add specific types of furniture such as a comfortable leather sofa or some egg chairs.

two story modern house design

Wooden material is perfect for the area and you can apply natural raw wooden table. A cupboard with a black or white finish is also a good alternative to keep any kind of items related to your hobby safe and tidy.

Try to do some explorations with the children’s room such as using a wallpaper or even applying abstract hand painting for the wall. Keep the room functional by using the items they need most. You may add some accessories such as an accessory from their favorite fictional character.

The most important part is your working area. You have to make sure that it is comfortable and supporting your activity. Choose the best spot or area on the second floor. Then, you can put a shelf. The shelf is also used as a separator between the working area and the other area next to it.

You may also use a rug to strengthen the area as well as to separate the area briefly. Use a custom table to put all your working items and devices safely. Definitely, you have to choose a comfortable chair such as a leather armchair or office chair.

Applying glass windows on the second floor is also a great idea for two story modern house design so you get enough natural light and better air circulation. We hope you’ve enjoyed the design ideas here. For more house interior inspiration, have a look at small modern house interior design.

Gallery Of Modern Two Story House Design


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