Arranging Modern House Interior Design by Finding a Better Alternative Idea

The reason to apply a house design modern style is that you will have a simple and effective house. Moreover, the house is well-managed along with a good air circulation system. So, what do you have to do to have a modern house?

Change a Sofa Set with A Medium Bed for the Living Room 

The interesting part of remodeling a house into the modern design is in its exploration. You are allowed to use your creativity while remodeling the room.

cool modern house interior design with sofa

Changing a sofa set with a medium size bed is a good exploration. Then, add some sofa pillows to create a comfortable atmosphere. Instead of using a solid wooden cupboard, you can use a transparent or doorless cupboard made of iron or stainless steel.

It is a simpler option without losing the use of the item.

Use Some Recycled Items for a Fresh Modern House

Use some recycled items to make your modern house looks eye-catching and fresh. Applying a recycled barrel is one of a brilliant modern house interior design ideas.

brilliant modern house interior design ideas

You can use the barrel just like a coffee table and put it in the living room. If you think that the model is too standard, you may custom the barrel for better aesthetic looking and stronger item.

Then, you can use the barrel table to put a table lamp, vas, books, or anything you want.

Put Some Plants for a Healthy Modern House

Besides considering the functional room, a modern house style is also considering the hygiene and healthy living issue. That’s why some modern house interior design is using real plants.

modern house style with plants

The plants are managed in a pot or vas and put around the house such as in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. You can still apply recycled items such as an unused stainless steel bowl as the pot.

It gives an artistic atmosphere for the room and the plant will keep the room fresh. The most important, the room will have a better air circulation.

Use a Simple Interior for a Small Room

If you only have a small area and it is impossible to use large furniture, just change it with a better alternative. You don’t have to use a sofa set or a chair in a living room.

simple interior for a small room

For a new alternative, it is also possible to use pillows as the chair in the living room. Even, you can just use an eye-catching rug with a soft material and add a roundtable to create a simple and modern living room.

Try to place the simple living room in the most beautiful area or close to the backyard and you will have the best living room ever. Just apply the modern house interior ideas here and feel the difference before and after the remodeling project.

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