Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

A living room, doesn’t matter what size it is, should be able to fulfill its purpose as a relaxation and entertainment space. If you have small and limited living room, it shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t design and make it appealing. As a matter of fact, there are many designs you can apply to a small living room. One of them is minimalist design.

Minimalist is all about maximizing what you have and discarding what you don’t need. And here, we will talk about modern and minimalist design ideas for a living room. You can use those ideas to help you design your living room. Alright, let’s start.

minimalist living room design ideas
minimalist living room

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design

Do you want to give a modern, minimalist look to your living room? There are many ways you can achieve it. Below are some design ideas you can use to revamp your living room. These ideas can be applied to a living room of any size. We will get to design ideas for small living room later.

  • Using Basic Color Combinations

If you want modern minimalist living room interior design, you can use simple color combinations. For example, black and white. Black and white combination is very simple. Yet, they give a crisp, modern look. Basic color combinations are easy to achieve in any house. You can start with using two basic neutral colors. You can add a bright color to the mix if you want.

  • Using Contrast

Adding contrast in the living room will give a clean and modern vibe. Stone and wood finishes give great contrast, adding more modern feel to the room. Contrast also goes well with simpler minimalist interior design living room as well. The key is to keep your living room light and bright.

  • Using Shelves and Cabinetry

Clean surfaces and straight lines are the focus of minimalist design. You can use shelving and cabinetry to bring clean surface and straight lines in your living room. Shelving and cabinetry will also help you make things more organized and even open up more space, which is great. There are many things that need to be stored. So, yeah, shelving and cabinetry will help.

  • Less Is More

Sometimes, less is more. What we mean here is that your living room should be filled with items that give a calming and comforting feeling for you while getting rid of what isn’t needed in the room. Note that the items that aren’t needed in the room don’t have to be removed from your house. It’s just that they don’t belong in the living room.

Small Living Room Minimalist Design

So, you have a small living room. You want to design it in a minimalist style. Can you do it? The answer is yes. A minimalist design can be applied just about anywhere. Of course, a small living room is not an exception. If you want a minimalist small living room, here are some ideas you can apply.

  • Use Mirrors

If placed strategically mirrors can make small spaces appear larger than they really are. For a living room, this means to place the mirror in a central location. This will be the focal point of the room. Want to add ambiance to your living room? If so, place the mirror behind a light source in the room.

Another good strategy is to place the mirror across a window. This way, the mirror reflects the view as well as gives an illusion of another window in the room. Awesome, right? A mirror is a simple yet powerful addition to your living room if you know where to place it.

  • Use Your Ceiling

A small living room can appear larger if you draw attention upward. A room consists of horizontal and vertical dimension. Remember that minimalist design maximizes what you have? That’s right. To make your living room more appealing, you need to maximize both. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can install stylish floor-to-ceiling drapes. Or, you can also fill the vertical dimension with small to midsize artworks.

  • Use Neutral Colors

Using neutral colors for your living room’s walls, ceiling and furniture is also a good idea. As with the previous two examples, neutral colors will make your living room more appealing while at the same time make it appear larger. You can use soft hues colors, a palette of off-whites colors to achieve this effect. A living room with neutral colors gives a calming and sophisticated vibe.

  • Use Pale Color for the Furniture

Visual weight also matters. In a minimalist design, what you want is a set of furniture with lightweight appearance. Why? Because it will not constrict the space unlike furniture with heavy ones. For this, choose furniture with lighter or pale colors. Also, choose furniture that has legs and avoid ones that have box look. As an example, a glass coffee table in a living room will take up less visual space compared to a wooden glass coffee table.

  • Use Small Furniture

A small living room will need small furniture. A set of small furniture will take less space and will not overpower the room. If space is limited, four chairs around a coffee table are preferable to a couch. If you want a sofa, choose one that has thin arms and tightly upholstered back.

These are the ideas that will help you have a modern and minimalist living room small space. As you can see, all of them are easy to achieve. This is true even if you have small and limited space in your living room. If anything, small and limited space will force you to be more creative as you need to maximize what you have.

An eye-catching living room does not necessarily mean complex design, spacious room, lots of furniture and bright colors. As you can see with minimalist design, the appeal comes from the exact opposites of all of these.

In a minimalist design, the design is very simple, small size is not a problem, the furniture is limited and the colors used are neutral or pale. Remember, the core of the minimalist design is this: less is more. So, what do you think? Which one of these ideas do you think will be the best for your living room?


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