Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Interesting in creating minimalist bedroom? Minimalist is a style that emphasizes “less is more” outlook. It is a simple style but it has its own elegance. If you don’t believe this, just see images of minimalist bedrooms. What kind of impression do you have? Most likely, it will be clean, uncluttered and modern. This is where the appeal of minimalist design lies.

While simplicity is the key to minimalist design, that does necessarily mean you will have a bare, empty bedroom without decoration. On the contrary, you will have decoration. And sometimes, the decoration will have not only an aesthetic purpose but also functional one. In this article, we will give you some ideas to help you design a minimalist bedroom. Let’s see what they are, shall we?

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas
Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Modern Minimalist Bedroom Design

First, let’s start with modern minimalist bedroom ideas. We have three main ideas here: open space, neutral colors, and straight lines. These three will give your bedroom a modern, minimalist look. Let’s get into the details.

  • Open Space

In a minimalist bedroom an open, bare wall is not an issue. On the contrary, this kind of open space gives the room a clean, unfussy and streamlined look. That being said, you don’t have to have a bare wall. You can if you want. Just remember that unlike other decorating styles, in a minimalist style there is no need to hang lots of items on your wall.

  • Neutral Colors

Black, white and gray palettes are the most popular colors in a minimalist décor. Due to their popularity, many people think these colors are synonymous with minimalist décor. This is not true, though. In minimalist décor, what is important is to use neutral colors. Black, white and gray are just examples of neutral colors.

In terms of color, you can use any color you want so long as it is not too bright or combine more than two hues. Neutral colors work best for a minimalist look. You can add white, moody darks or mid-tone shades as well. These colors have subdued look, which makes the room serene.

  • Straight Lines

There is no need to have a set of furniture with curves, ornate trim or details in a minimalist bedroom. To give a modern, minimalist look, you will need modern minimalist bedroom furniture that has straight lines. Indeed, a set of furniture with sleek and clean lines will work best to achieve a minimalist look.


Minimalist Small Bedroom Design

Now, let’s move on to minimalist bedroom design for small rooms. That’s right. What should you do if you have a small space? No need to worry. Minimalist is one of the best styles of small space. Here’s what you can do.

  • Use a Single Dresser

That’s right. The first idea for minimalist bedroom designs small space is to use a single dresser. You don’t need a couple chests of drawers. You need to organize your things. Declutter. Get rid of what you don’t need and keep what you need. If you don’t have enough space but still need some items, put them in another room. If, however, it is not possible for you to use only a single dresser, just make sure that your drawers are as far as possible from the bed.

  • Hang an Artwork You Like

If you have an artwork that you like so much, you can hang it on your wall. However, just keep it at one. Don’t add any more. Remember, you don’t need to cover every inch of your walls with artworks or photos. So, just find one artwork that you like so much, that you cherish, something that you enjoy every time you see it and hang it on your wall.

  • A Shelf for Cherished Items

A minimalist style doesn’t stop you from keeping your cherished items in your bedroom. Indeed, you can add a shelf to your bedroom to keep your cherished items. It can be photos, books or mementos. Keep them on a single shelf.


Master Bedroom Minimalist Design

Alright, now let’s talk about the modern minimalist master bedroom. The main ideas here are platform bed, balance, and artwork. Let’s start with the platform bed.

  • Platform Bed

Our first idea for minimalist master bedroom ideas is to use a platform bed. A platform bed is a perfect option for minimalist design. Remember, minimalist design is all about simplicity and function. This is why platform bed is the perfect option. In a minimalist bedroom, you don’t need sleigh beds or elaborate canopies. A simple platform frame with matching color bedding will do wonder.

If you see a minimalist bedroom, you will seldom find an elaborate headboard. On the contrary, many will have no headboard at all. In keeping with the minimalist style, you will need just a couple of toss pillows. That will be enough.

  • Balance

Secondly, balance. Minimalism is about balance, about harmony. If applied to the bedroom, what does this mean? This means that you will need to pay attention to scale. Let’s use an example. For instance, in a small bedroom, large furniture should be avoided. Conversely, in a large bedroom, tiny furniture should be avoided.

The balance here also means that you need to keep the furnishings balanced as well. The furniture in the room should have overall even look, allowing the eye to move smoothly through the space. When the layout of a bedroom is evenly balanced, it will give a calm and controlled look. Both of which the characteristics of the minimalist design.

  • Artwork

Finally, artwork. It is true that minimalist design emphasizes cleanliness and simplicity. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any pattern or artwork in your bedroom. In fact, you can add pattern or artwork in your bedroom.

To maximize minimalist look, pattern or artwork with simple designs will do best. Pattern or artwork with a simple structure or solid blocks of color will be a great addition to your bedroom. Also, a large piece of pattern or artwork will be enough.

Of course, there are still many ways to design your bedroom in a minimalist way. Just remember, it is not something that happens overnight. Why? Because a minimalist bedroom requires a high-level organization and lack of clutter. You may or may not be able to follow the ideas above. It doesn’t matter. After all, minimalist bedroom design can be done in various ways. And perhaps you have your own ideas for a minimalist bedroom. What do you think?


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