House Interior: 5 Decorating Secrets for a Fun Interior Decoration Design


interior decoration design

Some people have that natural ability for interior decoration design. But there are also people who need the help of the Pinterest board and maybe a consultant before making a change in our home. So, in this article, we are going to give 5 secrets you can use as your reference when you want to decorate your room.

#1 – Create a color scheme

Before you start a makeover, you need to create a color palette. A basic color scheme for the whole house will make it easier to imagine how it is going to look like. The color scheme, in fact, creates a different look in each room, which is interesting.

#2 – Fake the height

Especially in small rooms, you need to fake the height. It is highly recommended to create a vertical look in the room instead of doing horizontal. You can do this by applying a big mirror. It gives scale to the room and keeps the furniture pieces in low-slung. In the end, the room appears taller and more spacious.

decoration interior design ideas

#3 – Extend the backsplash

In order to create a statement in the kitchen, you can use the eye-catching tiles, which is also good for your bathroom. If you can, cover the wall with the tiles as much as your budget can afford. You will get the sense of a bistro in French interior design and decoration.

#4 – Put some textures

We will not be tired to tell you that natural color and decorations are interesting. You just need to combine various materials in the room. For your bedroom, taffeta and raw silk along with open-weave linen and the fine-gauge would look nice especially if you can include cotton velvet as well. The matte sheens could absorb the light in the room while the lustrous sheen would reflect them.

#5 – Play with textiles

Textiles might be looking good when you apply it for outdoor furniture pieces and accessories. In fact, they also look good for indoor stuff. The living room is the interesting place to start the experiment. Any natural materials and neutral colors are creating come chic vibes, which are pretty for a room like your living room. Do not forget to add a rug on the underfoot for comfy walking.

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Decorating our own house is actually a fun activity but sometimes you just afraid to make a move. Learning those five points above could help you with decoration interior design ideas.



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