Cool House Design: 5 Clever Tricks of Cool Small House Designs

When it comes to cool small house designs, it could be very subjective. But you can turn your home into the cool one by applying these quick tricks. Other than that, these cost less yet effortless tricks would give a real difference to your home.

Softer Color for Smaller Rooms and Brighter Color for Larger Rooms

The living room will be a great example if you want to maximize the space. Living room in small space tends to seem cramped and cluttered. But by installing one or two big windows, painting the walls with brighter color, and put a mirror on one side of the wall would help to reflect and spread the natural light to the whole room

Darker color for small space will create a narrow-like-box atmosphere. Even though you already installed the mirror and some good sources of natural light, a darker color for a small living room is not one of cool interior house designs you can follow.

A Decorative Mirror

As we have mentioned earlier, a mirror can help to spread and reflect the natural light in the whole room. It is not a secret anymore though. You just need to put the mirror right across the window or another source of natural light in the room. If you want to fill the space of empty wall, you can consider putting the decorative mirror instead. Both large and small mirrors will boost the dimension and light in the room.

A Hanging Pot Holder in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that creates warmth and an inviting atmosphere. You spend much time in this room and it can serve as so many functions like preparing meals, cooking, or even entertaining. So, if you install a hanging pot holder on the ceiling, it will be an elegant decoration. Other than serving as the elegant decoration, you can hang your pots on its available hook.

Paint or Wallpaper the Bookcase

Sweeping pop color in the room would give some energetic vibes. This way is the simplest way you can try to create something cool in your house. The bookcases would require limited area and you can try to mix-and-match the color or just putting one pop color on the background. This is just really fun and you need to see how it turns out after you paint your built-in bookcase with colorful paint to turn your home into cool modern house designs.


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