House Design: Basic Rules of Contemporary Interior Design Styles

Are you looking for contemporary interior design styles tips? Then it is important to focus on simplicity, clean lines, fundamentally, texture and subtle sophistication.

What contemporary interior design is all about

Contemporary design in actually focusing on shape, space, and color. The bottom line is that you need to understand if you want to apply the contemporary theme for your room interior design styles it will turn out your room to be fresh and sleek. That’s why in order to successfully apply the contemporary theme, there are several basic rules you have to stick.


White and neutral black is the ultimate colors in contemporary interiors design. The palette is sometimes accented and applied with bold and bright color. Many interior designers define black as the ground color of a contemporary theme. You will have an amazing backdrop if your wall is painted in a common neutral color.

inspiration for a contemporary kitchen interior design styles

You will have the advantage to design it with bold color too.

Meanwhile, if you paint your windows and walls in pastel colors, you should opt for neutral trims. If your wall is bold, bright color, you should opt somewhere else in the part of your house in order to apply the neutral color.

Space and line

One of the most distinctive and clear elements in a contemporary theme that can be your interior design decorating styles is a line. There are many recommendations from house interior experts, that the use of bold color blocks can expose the contemporary lines.

Besides, you can use bare windows, geometric shape in sculpture and wall art, and high ceilings too. There are some important parts that can be the highlight of the theme. Those parts are the bare space between your furniture’s pieces, on walls, as well as the upper parts.

inspiration for a contemporary family room interior design styles

You can fill those parts with beautiful objects. Don’t forget that when you opt for a contemporary theme, less is more. Each piece of your furniture and object will stand out individually.


In a contemporary theme, the floors in your house should be smooth in vinyl, tile, and wood. It should be bare too. If you insist to put a carpet on it, you should pick a carpet for warmth and sound control. You can choose commercial grades carpet. In order to add texture and color touch, you can put geometric-patterned or even plain rugs.

So, those are three rules that you can stick to if you want the contemporary theme make your house stand out. Don’t forget that there are hundreds of websites and magazines that are ready to be your next contemporary inspirations.

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